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  • Social media is becoming an integral part of day to day life for a multitude of people. Individuals want to be able to connect with people over social media before purchasing products or deciding to use services. The question for business owners becomes, how can I best use social media to promote my business? The answer to that question can be complicated but the short answer is to be yourself. People want to see your personality shine through your social media; they want to see behind the scenes of your business.

    Here are 5 easy ways to get your business noticed on social media:

    1) Post regularly:

    Depending on which social media platform you are using, posting regularly could have different meanings. For example, posting regularly on Twitter means posting upwards of 10 tweets daily while posting regularly on Facebook is considered to be 1 or 2 posts per day. The theory behind this is that people will become annoyed with your brand if they see it too often on Facebook, whereas Twitter is a completely different animal and you need to post frequently to retain your follower base.

    2) Use original content:

    It is hard to come up with 100% original content, but it is important to come up with some original content. Whether it’s pictures of your staff performing everyday tasks or it’s a compelling infographic about your area of business, people want to see what your business is doing. Strive for at least 25% of your Facebook content to be original, if your business is larger and has a dedicated social media person, this number can be higher.

    3) Stick to what you can handle:

    There is no use in starting your business off on every social media platform imaginable. Especially considering that on platforms like Twitter, you will almost certainly lose followers if you stop being very active. If you are comfortable with Facebook, from using it on a personal level, start your business off on Facebook! If later Twitter sparks your curiosity then start a Twitter account or hire someone who will be able to help you be consistently active on Twitter.

    4) Take advantage of free resources:

    There are a number of free social media related resources available to you. Whether it’s attending free webinars or using free software such as TweetDeck to help you manage your social media, be sure to use the resources at your disposal. Smart Mark-IT consistently promotes free resources through our social media feeds so be sure to follow us to not miss a thing!

    5) Be creative!

    Arguably the most important element when it comes to social media content is to be creative! You want to be the one whose posts catch people’s eye. This is what will get people to like and share your content. A wise man once said that the best marketing is marketing that does not feel like marketing, here’s a little secret, it’s true.


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