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  • One of the best things about building a computer is that you always have the ability to customize it as you see fit. Here we will see a gaming build that offers astounding performance and a very good price point for what it delivers as well.

    Components I chose to work with:

    • Asus Z87 Pro,
    • I7 4770k,
    • 16 GB Skill RAM,
    • Nzxt 820,
    • Antec Quattro 1200w,
    • Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD,
    • GeForce GTX 980,

    The assembly process:

    After everything is unboxed start with the case, open it and then add in the motherboard inside. You will have to bolt it to the case so keep that in mind, usually each motherboard has its own accessories and documentation so read that.

    The next step is to ad in the Antec power source as this will offer your computer the electricity and power it needs. Since this is a modular case, only add those cables that you need for the components and keep the others.

    After that is done, place the processor on the motherboard, since this is an Intel the process is simple, just follow the arrow on the processor and motherboard then push just a little bit. Now you will need to add in the SSD and RAM to the motherboard, then you can place the PCI boards such as the graphics board and the sound board among many others. The process is now complete, you will need to start the computer once everything is assembled and if there are any issues troubleshoot them in order to identify the troublemaker and solve the issues as fast as possible.

    Why I chose this build:

    The reason why I went with this particular build is that it allows you to do virtually anything you want on your computer. It delivers a lot of processing power due to the I7 processor and at the same time it also obtains plenty of great results in gaming as well.

    The hard drive is very fast and the storage amount is more than enough even for an avid gamer. Not only that, but there won’t be any memory issues since the 16 GB of RAM do a great job in offering all the memory bandwidth that the system needs.


    As you can see the system does boost quite a lot of power and playing the latest games as well as the

    • – In Witcher 3 with Full HD details and a resolution of 1080p the system managed to obtain a minimum of 70 FPS at all times
    • – Barman Arkham Asylum delivered a minimum of 50 FPS
    • – Thief maintains a total of 80 FPS at the same resolution



    1. Customization is my favourite reason for creating your own desktop. You can always switch around parts or upgrade easily if you know what you’re doing.

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