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  • Ottawa Taco Fest presented its third edition Saturday April 2nd, it was the first time either of us had attended. The venue was the Shaw Centre, a beautiful new convention centre in the middle of downtown Ottawa.

    The good:

    Over 15 different vendors had set up in the Canada Hall to serve the large crowd of taco enthusiasts. The evening was very well put together with a great ambience and a great venue. The tacos we had a chance to try were delicious, and so were the Churritos (a specialty Mexican pastry).

    The bad:

    The pricing was generally $5 per taco, a 2 for $5 price point would have been much more reasonable,  considering the $8 cash bar and the $15 entry fee (unless you were quick enough to get the early bird price of $5). A number of vendors ran out of food relatively early in the evening, not giving everyone the chance to try all the tacos.


    Overall, the turnout was great and Ottawa Taco Fest made for a great evening out on the town. Just keep in mind Taco Fest is one of those events where you are buying the experience, not just the taco. Looking forward to Taco Fest 2017 already 🙂


    Overall: 7.5/10


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